Back in the day, when I could get a good night’s sleep.

Short stories unfold within that wounding sound
Who’s to blame for this heart’s beating?
I’m afraid no one knows
Wooden words fall to the floor
Like a curious confession
That light is too bright
Those portraits we come from
Look better in the dark
Coasting into transparency
I wish you well
From around the corner
In the backseat of a taxi
Hoping this is your worst
Because you said it first
Recharging my exclusion
In your secret meetings
You longed to be somewhere else
Heading in an opposite direction
The cost of staying blind
(may be greater than or equal to)
The price of seeing clearly
With a bill of health comes fresh new denial
Excuse me, this one doesn’t taste the same
No, sir, it isn’t as sweet
When it’s the friend of a friend
It’s as close as we can get


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