Amanda Blue reviews Preacher S01 E01: Pilot

Almost 10 years ago exactly, I read the Preacher graphic novels for the first time (that story is told over here). As I was reading them, there were rumours floating around that there were talks of turning this story into a series. There were rumours of movies, too, and of spinoffs and side stories. None of these things ever came to be. Year after year, I would reread Preacher and wonder why no one had successfully been able to bring it to a live action medium. I mean, besides the fact that it delves into every taboo subject imaginable and flays it open in a way only comic books can. Except for that. But then in 2013 I heard the big announcement: It was finally officially happening. ON AMC! Yes! BY SETH ROGEN! No. Oh god no.


I like Seth Rogen. I have nothing against Seth Rogen. But not once, ever, in…

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