“Well hell, if it don’t want a name I’m sure not gonna give it one.”

“It’s like waking up at the right time but in the wrong place. You’re only late (early?) because you aren’t


yet. You touch the surface but s… sense the

t e n s i o n .

It’s like thinking you’re gonna die but you keep living and living and living and…

waking up.

Misguided resuscitation.

Misdirected resurrection.

Maybe you missed the exit sign or, or trusted the wrong bend in the road.

Or worse:

the Right bend.

The revelations come but don’t stay. They’ve worn out their welcome and, let’s face it, they were never invited anyway. You know the past is the past, my god you’ve never been so sure of that, but…

…what if?

What if.

That question’s about as close to an answer as you’re gonna get, kid.”


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