Blue on Black: The House of the Devil (2009)

About 7 years ago, I gave up on “new” horror. Aside from a handful of rare exceptions – including Drag Me to Hell, The Cabin in the Woods, The Conjuring, and The Babadook –  the last decade of horror has been disappointing to say the least. The films just mentioned were a few that piqued my interest enough to temporarily lift my ban and give them a chance, due to a particular director, some abnormal hype, the recommendation of a friend, or simply winning free passes and thinking, “What the hell, why not?” After all of the embarrassing remakes ruining fond childhood memories, after all the studios relying on naked teenagers to distract from the lack of actual storyline, after all the Top 40 soundtracks instead of original scores, there was just no real reason to bother anymore. It was around the time I decided to avoid wasting any more money going to the…

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