Blue on Black: I Remember Re-Animator (1985)

Remember when deciding to watch a movie was a big deal? A real commitment? Now you can just turn on the TV, skim Netflix, press play, and off you go. If it sucks, stop it, pick something else. But back in my day (When did I get so old?), things were different. You had one shot to pick the right film for that night. Deciding to watch a movie used to mean hopping on your bike and riding to the nearest video store, wandering the long aisles of well-handled VHS tapes for at least an hour or two, finally deciding on something, PAYING for it, all to make it home to find the last jackass wasn’t kind and did not rewind. So then you’d wait an eternity for your VCR to take the tape in fully without spitting it back out, rewind the thing, press play, and then settle in. There was…

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