Blue on Black: Treevenge (2008)

Humans are weird. We have so many customs and traditions that are commonplace to us, things we couldn’t imagine not doing – from weddings and funerals, to shaking hands or making eye contact. Between and across various cultures, these practices differ, and what’s considered “normal” on one side of the globe can be viewed as peculiar, rude, or even barbaric on the other side. But what about outside of the human perspective? Consider, since it’s Christmastime and all, Christmas trees: They’re resting peacefully, growing along, not hurting anyone, and then we come along and chop them down with a freaking axe. We throw some tinsel and sparkly balls on them, then toss them to the curb when we’re done. What if trees were conscious of this, and after years of genocide at the hands of human beings, decided to get even? This is the premise of Jason Eisener’s campy and…

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