Amanda Blue On…The Crow

Each week, one of Biff Bam Pop’s illustrious writers will delve into one of their favourite things. Perhaps it’s a movie or album they’ve carried with them for years. Maybe it’s something new that moved them and they think might move you too. Each week, a new subject, a new voice writing on…something they love.

The other day someone asked me what my favourite movie is, and without hesitation I said The Crow. First he laughed, there was a moment of awkward silence, and then he goes, “Seriously? I thought it would be, like, The Notebook or something.”

What the hell?

No, sir. Contrary to your expectations upon judging my personality solely on my physical appearance, The Notebook is, like, not my favourite movie. The Crow (based on the graphic novel of the same name by James O’Barr) is my favourite movie. And I’ll tell you why.


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