Blue on Black – A Psychoanalysis of The Babadook (2014)

A friend of mine tells me, “You HAVE to watch The Babadook! It’s been called the horror movie of the year!” So I check out the trailer, it sufficiently creeps me out, I invite a few friends over, and off we go. I expected to be covering my eyes, jumping out of my seat, whimpering a little bit – the usual symptoms of watching a horror film done right. I was not disappointed in this regard by any means. However, what I wasn’t expecting was to experience a brilliant and surprisingly moving and eye-opening metaphor for a topic I would consider relatively taboo. I will not be going into much detail on the cinematic aspects of this film so much as my interpretation of the story. This is all just one girl’s humble opinion, of course, but here is how my mind decided to let in The Babadook.


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